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  • Electronic Cash Register Electronic cash register has functional unique stripy form statements, PLU sales volume, sales charts, shortage statements and membership management. LCD operator display, high light VFD customer display.
  • Money Detector Pen There are millions of counterfeit bills in circulation. Why run the risk of accepting a bogus bill? Counterfeit detector pens use a specially formulated chemical that detects fake currency instantly.
  • Counting Solutions This weighing scale has an added feature of counting the pieces as per the sample average weight. Over load capacity: protect automatically when the load is 125% of capacity

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We are a company dedicated to providing quality Machines and Equipments to assist you in your daily operations.
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  • Financial Handling Equipments (Cash, Currency, Note Counting Machines, Currency Sorters, Coin Counters and Sorter, Vaccum, Bundle, Packet Note Counting Machine, Fake Note Detectors, Note Binding Machines, Shrink Wrapping Machines, Cash Boxes and other Financial Equipments in Pakistan)
  • Material Handling Equipments (Hand Pallet Lifter Jacks, Hand Pallet Trucks, Manual, semi-electrical and electrical stackers, Drum Handling, Drum Lifting, Drum Tilting, Drum Rotating Machines and Equipments,Stair Climbing Trolley, New and Used Wooden and Plastic Pallet, Drum Trollies and other Material Handling Equipments in Pakistan)
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eq-528 note counting machine with fake note detection

Model: EQ-528

Cash Currency Note Counting Machine with Automatic fake note detecting with UV Detection)
Counting Speed: 1000 notes / min

model eq-6200 Heavy Duty Note Counting Machine in Pakistan.

Model: EQ-6200

EQ-6200 Cash, Currency, Note Counter is heavy duty machine in Pakistan with high speed,
accuracy with high capacity hopper and stacker.

eq-2828 note counting machine for pakistani currency notes

Model: EQ 2828

Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection and Half Note Detection Feature
Counting Speed: 900 notes / min

usa brand cash currency note counting machine in pakistan

Cassida U.S.A 5520

Count speed: 1300 notes / minute
Value Calculation Mode
USA brand cash counting machine available in Pakistan.

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